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Introducing Broadway-Bound Liz! Well, maybe not quite yet, but this accomplished teen from Buffalo, MN, figure skates, sings, acts, and is on the student council of the art magnet school she attends. The freshman with the big dreams first laced on skates in the fourth grade.

High school can be hard. There’s the homework, the waking up early, bullying, going through innumerable changes, and so on. Teens with LGBT parents face an added dilemma of how to manage the openness of their family. This can just add more stress, no matter how much you love your parents. When high school is over, college may be in your sights.

“You know you like him, Becca,” Sophie insists. “Why don’t you just ask him?”

I shake my head. “No way. He’d never say yes.”

“Here comes the hay wagon,” Sophie notices. “But we’re going to keep discussing this, Becca.”