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Profile: Kayla Simpson

When Kayla saw the inspiring “It Gets Better” campaign on YouTube, she quickly realized something was missing: “There was really nothing similar out there for those with gay parents, as opposed to [kids] being LGBT themselves.” A video blogger and daughter of gay parents, Kayla took it upon herself to fill in the gap “It Gets Better” had overlooked with an inspiring video of her own.

The 19-year-old college sophomore has been video blogging for a while now, a passion born from an “obsession” watching other YouTube videos with friends. Although her audience is small, she says it grows with each video uploaded. “I hope, of course, to expand my audience and just really have fun with it, and see where that takes me,” she says. Her passion could take her far since, according to Kayla, online video is becoming the next generation of mass communication.

Beyond video blogging, Kayla has some other unique hobbies. “I’m a bit addicted to changing my hair color,” she says. “Luckily, I’ve learned how to dye it myself, and have been doing so for about four years now.” Kayla also loves fashion, writing, and video games. She hopes to incorporate her interests into her future by becoming either a video game designer or producer, although “becoming a part of YouTube’s partnership program wouldn’t be so bad, either!”

When Kayla isn’t perusing the internet for new hair color ideas or responding to her YouTube fans, she pursues new interests. “I recently started learning how to play ukulele! I really hope to incorporate it into a future video soon. In fact, I might just go do that right now!” Check out Kayla’s inspiring video on having gay parents, and keep an eye out for a ukulele performance from this colorful teen.

Watch Kayla Online: KaylaEtCetera on YouTube


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